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Hi, my name is Alex Peters. I am a Dutch artist and illustrator based in Rome, Italy.

Drawing has been my passion since childhood. In the nineties, not long after graduating as Clinical Psychologist in the Netherlands, I studied for 5 years at the Royal Art Academy in Amsterdam (Gerrit Rietveld Akademie). Even though I pursued a successful career as management consult/ trainer/ coach, I always kept drawing at the side.

During my time at the Art Academy, my artwork was not limited to drawing alone. Techniques and materials were chosen on the basis of its content. The work I showed in several group exhibitions also included installations, objects and paintings. They were all inspired by my fascination with the question: “What is reality?”

This, in fact spiritual question became so important that when I discovered Buddhism, I made a life changing decision and moved to France. I lived for more than twenty years in a Buddhist monastery, where my work as a psychologist alternated with doing solitary meditation retreats of many months in total silence. Teachings from Buddhist masters and the intensive practices have given me a profound understanding of the nature of this existence of ours.

In 2019 the time was ripe to put my creative work back at the heart of my activities. I moved to the Italian capital, inspiring myself with art classes, brushing up my skills and learning new techniques. At the same time I started offering my services as illustrator to companies and individuals for commissioned work.

Currently I’m focusing on free drawing work, writing stories and illustrating. In many of my illustrations I naturally involve humor. We are all confronted with existentialist questions. Humor is a joyful way to deal with things that are difficult to understand or deal with.

I’m thanking you for visiting my website.
Alex Peters

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